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College graduate with aspirations of being an English professor.

Enjoys: ridiculously skinny effeminate men, Sherlock in all its forms, French, obscure actors, Tim Roth, Benedict Cumberbatch, Campbell Scott, Paul Gross, Matthew Gray Gubler, art and artists, Victorian literature, figure skating, Stephane Lambiel, Evgeni Plushenko, Johnny Weir, musicals, random gifs, and much much more.

This tumblr will likely contain all of the above. Plus some other random shite I feel like posting. Ask me anything you'd like. Cheers!

1st November 2012

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Sandra Bullock: Actual best person

Tagged: she almost singlehandedly funded the restoration of a magnet school in new orleans after katrinaand goes back as often as her work allows to visit and check on progress and see what else needs doingprecious person

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