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College graduate with aspirations of being an English professor.

Enjoys: ridiculously skinny effeminate men, Sherlock in all its forms, French, obscure actors, Tim Roth, Benedict Cumberbatch, Campbell Scott, Paul Gross, Matthew Gray Gubler, art and artists, Victorian literature, figure skating, Stephane Lambiel, Evgeni Plushenko, Johnny Weir, musicals, random gifs, and much much more.

This tumblr will likely contain all of the above. Plus some other random shite I feel like posting. Ask me anything you'd like. Cheers!

1st September 2014

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A couple of people have sent me the “say five nice things about yourself” thing but you’ve caught me at a low point where I don’t have a lot of things I like about myself a whole lot?

But please know that I super appreciate the sentiment and you’re lovely people and should come get hugs from me.

1st September 2014

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1st September 2014

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TL;DR : Watch this incredible story in video

holy fuck! so how did the penguins taste?????

this is the cutest video in the entire world. this seal is just so afraid for this dumb weird baby she thinks she’s found out in the ocean. have a bird. have another bird. no, see, eat the bird! the bird is food! why won’t this stupid baby eat. open your mouth you idiot baby i will feed you bird if it’s the last thing i do

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1st September 2014

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when i find myself in times of trouble

the 12th doctor comes to me

speaking words of wisdom


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1st September 2014

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1st September 2014

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30th August 2014

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i bring you chris and sebastian thinking about pussy

Chris is trying so hard he grabs his own boob.

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30th August 2014

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James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender promoting X Men: Days of Future Past

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30th August 2014

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29th August 2014

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Stalia?    Draeden?     Sterek!  


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